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International Medical University

International Medical University offers a wide range of quality undergraduate programmes in core and complementary healthcare disciplines designed to inspire, mould and nurture the medical practitioners of the future.

Our programmes are recognised by and affiliated with some of the world’s leading medical universities to ensure the delivery of a truly international-quality education.

IMU Undergraduate Programmes

IMU’s progressive, systems based, integrated medical curriculum caught the imagination of our Partner Medical Schools and strong links were forged, from the outset, in order to provide the highest standards of education. Today we have over 39 partner universities in Australasia, North America, Ireland and the United Kingdom for a wide range of our courses.

Largest Network of International Partner Universities

Discover Our Programmes

   IMU Medicine Programme Medicine (MBBS IMU)

Medicine (Partner Medical Universities)

5 years

4½ - 6½ years

   IMU Dentistry Programme Dentistry (IMU)

Dentistry (Partner Dental Universities)

5 years

5 - 5½ years

   IMU Pharmacy Programme Pharmacy (BPharm IMU) 4 years Jul/Sep
   IMU Biomedical Science Programme Biomedical Science (IMU)

Biomedical Science (Partner Universities)

3 years

3 - 4 years


   IMU Chinese Medicine Programme Chinese Medicine (IMU)

Chinese Medicine (Partner Universities)

4 years

5 years

   IMU Chiropractic Programme Chiropractic (IMU)

Chiropractic (Partner Universities)

4 years

4 - 5½ years

   IMU Dietetics with Nutrition Programme Dietetics with Nutrition (IMU)

Dietetics with Nutrition (Partner Universities)

4 years

4 - 5 years

   IMU Medical Biotechnology Programme Medical Biotechnology (IMU)

Medical Biotechnology (Partner Universities)

3 years

3 years

   IMU Nursing Science Programme Nursing Science (IMU) 2 - 4 years Feb/Sep
   IMU Nutrition Programme Nutrition (IMU) 3 years Jul/Sep
   IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Programme Pharmaceutical Chemistry (IMU) 3½ - 4 years Feb/Jul/Sep
   IMU Psychology Programme Psychology (IMU)

Psychology (Partner Universities)

3 years

4 - 4½ years



The International Medical University (IMU) is Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and healthcare university with over 26 years of dedicated focus in healthcare education. Visit our website to find out more or visit us virtually via our virtual tour.

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