Molecular medicine has been recognised as a major focused area of contemporary medical research, and had facilitated recent breakthrough in disease diagnosis,management and treatments.

For instance, it is now possible to elucidate multiple metabolites and toxin derived from drug based on interomics approach, design highly specific and individualised treatments through genomics screening, bioinformatics and chemoinformatics assessment and enhance bioavailbility of new drugs by making use of nano-delivery.

MSc in Molecular Medicine

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Research Partnership

MSc in Molecular Medicine

The MSc in Molecular Medicine is designed for science and medical graduates seeking advanced training in molecular and disease-oriented research. This programme aims to deliver an exceptional curriculum to equip students with skills that meet the highest demands and expectations of scientifi c rigour. The curriculum is innovative and draws on the expertise of our world-renowned faculty who are also passionate researchers. 

Core modules present the latest scientific developments in molecular medicine that are delivered through innovative andragogy. Students will appreciate the role of simple and complex molecules in human diseases and the ways in which systems biology, computational biology and chemical genetics have transformed research strategies and methodology in stem cell technology and therapeutics, drug design and development as well as medical and clinical research.

Upon completion, career paths are available as research scientists in academia, research institutes or industries worldwide. Graduates may also continue their education as PhD students at IMU or elsewhere.

Campus Environment & Facilities

Our University has a wide range of facilities to get the most out of your study experience while making life at the University as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Our University has a wide range of facilities to get the most out of your study experience while making life at the University as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

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RM40,000 (Malaysian)

RM53,650 (International)

Key Facts


Molecular Medicine (Master of Science)

Total Duration:

18 months (full-time)

4 years (part-time)


March & September


Lecturer & Programme Coordinator

PhD (UM), BSc (Hons) Biochemistry (UM)

“IMU MSc Molecular Medicine Programme is designed to cater for medical or basic sciences graduates seeking advance training in cellular and molecular biology, genetics, as well as drug development and treatment. The programme prepares students for career opportunities in medically focused biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; and equips students with enhanced skills to carry out research at a higher degree in related fields. The coursework is conducted in a highly engaging and conducive environment to stimulate learning experience. Comprehensive practical training is also provided via hypothesis-driven and disease-oriented research project.”

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