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Health professions education is in the frontline of professional practice. It helps to

integrate a core set of competencies into health professions education and provides

the education necessary to produce effective leaders and scholars in health professions

education. It aims to create opportunities for learners to make contributions to their

institutions, and to national and regional priorities.

Health Professions

Education (MHPE)

Why Study MHPE  at IMU

An Established Private Healthcare University

Better Preparation for Working in a Challenging Environment

Innovative Curriculum

An Established Private Healthcare University

Flexible Learning Options

Flexible Schedule

Health Professions  Education (MHPE)

IMU Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Master Programmes in Health Professions Education are designed especially for health professionals who work in education. They aim to enable learners to develop an in-depth understanding of educational principles and values related to scholarship methods, curriculum, instruction, competence assessment, programme evaluation, quality assessment, primary care education, clinical decision making, and health related humanities, professionalism and ethics as well as management and leadership skills in health professions education. Job opportunities include teaching positions, positions in research organisations (including government department), positions involving designing, organising and developing curriculum, and positions of leadership in health professions education.

Postgraduate Certificate - RM12,000 

Postgraduate Diploma - RM24,000

Master - RM37,800

Key Facts


Postgraduate Certificate - 1 year

Postgraduate Diploma - 1.5 - 2 years

Master - 2.5 years or more


March 2017

Fees 2017 (Malaysian):

Fees 2017 (International):

Postgraduate Certificate - RM16,000 

Postgraduate Diploma - RM32,000

Master - RM49,800

Director, IMU Centre for Education and 

Programme Director


“The MHPE programme is suitable for anyone involved in education, assessment, programme design and research in health professions education. It will enhance learners’ professional credibility and confidence in teaching and practice, and is a stepping stone towards the MHPE and PhD in Health Professions Education. It prepares learners for career opportunities in health professional education and equips students with enhanced skills to carry out health professional’s education research at a higher degree. The combination of coursework, and research projects offer a theory-grounded, evidence-based and research-intensive learning experience for the comprehensive understanding of the field.”

A Word from the Programme Director



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