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The IMU Foundation in Science (FiS) is the preferred foundation for entry into any of the IMU’s local undergraduate degree programmes. It provides the academic preparation required for admission into a science-related degree and equips students with strong fundamental knowledge and skills to pursue their studies in the areas of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and health sciences. Studying the Foundation in Science in IMU exposes students to IMU’s learning methodologies in a stimulating and conducive learning environment.

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FIS Info Day

Do you know that IMU’s Foundation in Science (FiS) programme is the pathway into undergraduate studies at IMU? Find out more about this programme, your healthcare education and future career options at our Foundation in Science Info Day at our campus in Bukit Jalil. Many exciting activities are planned for the day.

  • Career and education counselling 
  • Explore scholarship opportunity
  • FREE application and registration fees (worth RM450) 
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  • Talk on our FiS programme 

18 March 2018, Sunday

10am - 4pm

Info Day

11:00am - 12:00pm Pathways to Undergraduate Programmes from Foundation in Science Dr James Edward Walsh, Head of Centre for Pre-U Studies Briefing room 1, CSSC

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Up to 100% Bursary & Scholarship available

IMU FiS Students can now choose the credit transfer option for their degree


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IMU Foundation in Science Programme



Campus Environment & Facilities

Our University has a wide range of facilities to get the most out of your study experience while making life at the University as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Dr James Walsh is currently the Head, Centre for Pre-University Studies. Prior to joining IMU, Dr Walsh was the Director of Pre-University Studies at a Malaysian private university for the past 5 years, with addition roles as the Director of Research and cross faculty interdisciplinary teaching (e.g. Languages, MPU studies and IT) at various stages. Before his tenure with this Malaysian private university, he was a Senior Lecturer in the School of Physics in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) Centre for 16 years and had been appointed as Adjunct Associate Professor for University of Houston College of Optometry, Houston, USA in which he had accumulated both research and teaching experience. He has also acted as an educational consultant for the Irish Ambassador in Malaysia and a number of Irish Universities and Colleges since 2012.

Developing people, sharing ideas has always been Sharon Chan’s passion, be it in the education industry or for corporate learning. Sharon Chan is a graduate in Bachelors of Languages and Linguistics, majoring in English from the University of Malaya. She is also a trainer for IELTS, having completed her training with British Council. 

In the learning and development industry, Sharon has over 10 years of experience for varied levels, ranging from secondary, tertiary to working adults. Her career portfolio includes lecturing, facilitating, and instructional designer, to her latest stint at successful programme development and implementation, which received perpetual accreditation by Malaysian Qualifications Agency. She is currently appointed the Programme Director of the IMU Foundation in Science programme.


The Foundation in Science programme has really prepped me well to take on different sets of challenges not just academically, but also physically, mentally, and emotionally. The major thing that I have learned from FIS is perseverance. Although it’s a pre-University programme, it felt very much like university. The programme is designed for us to inculcate continuous learning and development not just for exams, but for life. . Over time I learned to appreciate the programme even more and enjoy every moment of it, keeping my goal in mind I have to persevere through everything. 

FiS prepared me not only to become a medical student but as a holistic individual. Although self-directed learning was implemented slowly, we had good guidance from the lecturers who were really helpful. I personally feel that it was not all work because we did have fun especially during the Cross Boundary Studies. Furthermore the module promoted critical thinking skills. These projects served as a platform for us to learn all the qualities that a team player and a physician should have; such as punctuality, responsibility, trustworthiness and commitment.

I believe that FiS programme has moulded me into a self-directed learner which is very important for undergraduate studies. I feel that the curriculum in IMU FiS differs from other Pre-University programme in the way it is structured; it allows better comprehension of the first year of undergraduate study. I think that the biggest driving factor is the mentor-mentee programme because my mentor knows my strength and weakness. From there, mentor was able to provide advice and harvest my inner potentials.

Lee Sook Yee, IMU Medical Student who is currently studying at the IMU Clinical Campus in Seremban 

Nicholas Chin, IMU Medical Student who is currently studying at the IMU Clinical Campus in Seremban 


Leon Yeap En Leon, an IMU chiropractic student who has transferred to RMIT University, Australia.






Foundation in Science

Total Duration:

1 Year (3 Semesters)


April, July, September


RM24,300 (Malaysian)

RM24,300 + RM2,400 (International)

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